Welcome in the hinterland of Bruges

Do you know another green region with the Flemish coast and a city of world heritage standard as its immediate neighbours? Only the hinterland of Bruges fits that bill. Besides its ideal location, the region offers a wide array of diverse possibilities: picturesque polder villages, charming cities, medieval castles and abbeys, nature reserves and delicious local produce.

This website is an ideal source of inspiration to discover this superb region. Stay in the green outskirts of Bruges, visit a tourist site or take part in an amusing event. Feel like escaping overpopulated cities? Explore green oases on your bike, on foot or on a scooter. Stop in an authentic public house to taste a local beer and a typical regional dish. You will definitely have an unforgettable holiday!

1. Damme and Damme Canal

Damme, the medieval town that offers an impressive heritage amidst a magnificent natural landscape! The Damme canal connects the town to Bruges, ideal for a cycling trip of only 8 km. The city walls, the nature reserves and the Ryckevelde domain are ideal walking sites. Admire the historic churches and buildings of the town centre. You will also find literature in the Ulenspiegel Museum. And even the gastronomists will find delicious sustenance: an exquisite restaurant, a charming pub, a fresh pint or Belgian chips. And don’t forget to explore the picturesque villages
around Damme.

2. Cycling around the 'polders'

North of Bruges, the landscape with seawalls, canals, ditches and ponds gives you superb views. The region of the Zwin is a paradise for ornithologists and it is great to enjoy nature along the Damme canal. The polders are dotted with picturesque villages and you will find the villages of Gistel and Oudenburg at the end.

3. Landscape Park Bulskampveld

The Landscape park Bulskampveld is the largest connecting forest area in the province and covers no less than 90 km². And all that near Bruges! The walking network offers more than 150 km for your walking pleasure and that makes it the walking area par excellence in the region. The castle domain Bulskampveld is located at the centre of the area with a visitors’ centre. You will obtain all info and routes there.

4. Green Belt Brugge

Follow the signs and cycle through the green surroundings around Bruges. The route (53.2 km) takes you through forests, castle landscapes, along canals, the culinary centre of Damme and along numerous charming villages. Consult the map on or order the map on You can cycle the route in both directions and start in various places. A short version along the ramparts is also possible.

5. Castles and abbeys

The hinterland of Bruges is one of the most extensively woody areas in Flanders. You will discover numerous forests with castles! The Aertrycke and Wijnendale castles are located not too far from the city of Torhout and the castles of Loppem, Ryckevelde, Tillegem and Beisbroek are located in the proximity of Bruges. It is pleasant to stroll in the parks and the gardens that surround them.

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