Hiking in the green outskirts of Bruges

You will find forests, gardens, woody domains, peaceful fields, and protected nature zones. This green zone is the ideal backdrop to escape the busy city of Bruges. From Zuienkerke to Damme, via Jabbeke, Zedelgem and Oostkamp, you will undoubtedly discover beautiful green secrets! Walking maps are available from the online shop and the tourist information centres.

Network of walking paths

In Bulskampveld for example, located between Bruges and Ghent, the network of walking paths provides 150 km of fun in one of the largest plains of Flanders. Numerous country roads and limited traffic roads guide you through the forests and fields where you can enjoy nature. Useful maps enable
you to create your own circuit by cycling from junction to junction.

Walk in the castle parks

The hinterland of Bruges is one of the most extensively woody areas in Flanders. You will discover numerous forests with castles! The Aertrycke and Wijnendale castles are located not too far from the city of Torhout and the castles of Loppem, Ryckevelde, Tillegem and Beisbroek are located in the proximity of Bruges. It is pleasant to stroll in the parks and the gardens that surround them.

Heritage walk Damme

The small polder town of Damme was the busy front harbour of Bruges in medieval times. The merchants built impressive residences with sufficient warehouses. During the war between Spain and The Netherlands the town has become a military fortress. This walk takes you through the traces of more than 800 years of history, a story of which the merchants and the military engineers are the protagonists.

Discover the forests of the Bulskampveld

The Landscape park Bulskampveld is the largest connecting forest area in the province and covers no less than 90 km². And all that near Bruges! The walking network offers more than 150 km for your walking pleasure and that makes it the walking area par excellence in the region. The castle domain Bulskampveld is located at the centre of the area with a visitors’ centre. You will obtain all info and routes there.

Walking network Bulskampveld
The junctions help you to create your own walking route and to define the length of your walk. Write down the numbers of the junctions and follow the signs indicated in two directions along the way.

Loop-shaped walking routes
Here you follow the signs with the arrows. A number of routes start at the Bulskampveld castle. They are indicated in various colours.

  • Bulskampveld walking route: vicinity Beernem, 8.9 km, start: car park Driekoningen, Bulscampveld 9, Beernem.
  • Kampveld walking route: vicinity Oostkamp, 9.1 km, start: Market Square Waardamme.
  • Parochieveld walking route: vicinity Ruiselede. 8.5 k, starting point: Sint-Carolus church, Brandstraat, Doomkerke.
  • Wildenburg walking route: vicinity Wingene, 6.7 km, start: Area Wildenburg,

The Zwin, greenery at the Coast

The Zwin region is one of the major mud flat and salt marsh areas on the Coast and is engulfed by the sea daily. The exchange makes the Provincial Nature park Zwin a unique biotope with a rich flora and enormous numbers of birds that land here to forage or to hibernate. The new visitors’ centre was opened in 2016. Discover the Zwin via the junctions of the Zwin walking network. Available on https://shop.westtoer.be/en

Castle forests Bruges

Discover the forest on the outskirts of Bruges with its numerous castles. The signposted Three castles walking route leads you through the domains of Tillegem, Tudor, Beisbroek and the Chartreuzinnen forest (12 km, starting point: car park Domein Tillegem, Wittemolenstraat 128, Sint-Michiels,  Bruges). Route available on https://shop.westtoer.be/en.

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