Cycling in the Bruges Hinterland

The green region of the Hinterland of Bruges is the ideal backdrop for active holidays. The art city is surrounded by green zones, straight canals, polders and forests. During your walk you will definitely discover picturesque villages, historic buildings and charming pubs. Cycling maps are available from the online shop ( and the tourist information centres.

Network of cycling routes

It provides you with almost 900 km of cycling fun in one of the most beautiful tourist regions in Flanders. Useful maps enable you to create your own circuit by cycling from junction to junction. The network links the most interesting and secure cycling paths of the region. It takes you to small picturesque towns, unique landscapes and interesting local attractions. The network has been completely renewed in 2016.

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Following the canals

The landscape of the hinterland of Bruges is strongly defined by its canals: from Bruges to Damme, from Ostend to Ghent, via Bruges and the marina of Beernem, the Baudouin, Leopold and Schipdonk canals. The straight canals are flanked by beautiful rows of trees and house a very diverse fauna and flora. Enjoy nature, tranquillity and the passing boats during your trip.

Along the Groene 62, the former railroadtrack

De Groene 62 is one of the best known green axes of the region. Until 1976 a train connected Torhout to Ostend here. Today it is a cyclists’ paradise and the ideal connection between the Hinterland and the coast. During your 22 km trip you can stop at the Aertrycke and Wijnendale castles or the Statieput, a peaceful pond used as a leisure park. The Groene 62 runs from Stene (Ostend) to Torhout.

Green Belt Bruges

Follow the signs and cycle through the green surroundings around Bruges. The route (53.2 km) takes you through forests, castle landscapes, along canals, the culinary centre of Damme and along numerous charming villages. Consult the map on www. groenegordelbrugge. be or order the map on You can cycle the route in both directions and start in various places. A short version along the ramparts is also possible.

  • Start 1: Damme: car park east: Oude Sluissedijk
  • Start 2: Ryckevelde: car park Ryckeveldestraat
  • Start 3: Tillegem castle: car park Tillegemstraat
  • Start 4: Varsenare: sports centre Hof ter Straeten

Green Ribbon Ostend

This waking and cycling path (30 km) connects existing and new green areas in the outskirts of Ostend, like a necklace with 15 beads. De Green Ribbon unlocks the city with the coastline and the sea as carrier. You can park and start at the Provincial domain Raversijde. You will find the itinerary
map on

Themed cycling trips

  • Properties, summer residences of the Bruges elite
    This cyclotourism circuit takes you to the green zone south of Bruges via numerous summer castles and magnificent farmyards. The route unveils the rich history of many aristocratic families and their residences and also several green oases, a few pearls of serenity in the region of Bruges
  • Fortresses and seawalls between Bruges and Damme
    Almost all the roads you use on your trip  were installed on cleared dykes that in the past protected the polders recently reclaimed from the sea. Man also had to battle enemy armies here. The polders house numerous remnants of those confrontations. From Bruges you follow the Damme canal, you pass the siphons and explore the localities of Oostkerke and Hoeke

Guided trips

Feel like getting on your bike, but you hate looking at a map? Take part in one of the guided trips starting in Bruges, the ideal starting point to discover the Hinterland of Bruges. The Pink Bear Bike Tours will show you the prettiest spots in the polders. You will follow the banks of poplar-lined canals. The Green Bike Tour also goes in the direction of the polders and stops in Damme to sample local specialties. Advance booking recommended.

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