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It is sometimes said that the Hinterland of Bruges is the backyard of the seaside and the frontyard of Bruges, in other words, the ideal combination! The region has splendid landscapes to discover. Our 10 tips:

1. Along the Groene 62, the former railtrack

De Groene 62 isone of the best known green axes of the region. Until 1976 a train connected Torhout to Ostend here. Today it is a cyclists' paradise and the ideal connection between the Hinterland and the coast. During your 22 km trip you can stop at the Aertrycke and Wijnendale castles or the Statieput, a peaceful pond uses as a leisure park. The Groene 62 runs from Stene (Ostend) to Torhout.

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2. Virtual Reality in museum Historium

Start your visit to Bruges in the Historium and discover the magical atmosphere of the Golden Age. Let yourself be carried along through medieval Bruges in a story, or explore the city in our virtual reality experience.

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3. Visit village Lisswege

The splendid abbey farmhouse Ter Doest is located in Lissewege, one of the ten most beautiful villages in Flanders, and is the unique remains of the former Cistercian abbey. The Visistors' centre in Lissewege displays the past of the white village with photo's and a collection of archaelogical finds. Climb up to the top of the monumental bell tower of the church that will give you a unique panoramic view of the polders.

4. Loppem castle and its maze

The Neo-gothic Loppem castle is located at 6 km from Bruges and was built in 1859. It is the only castle in Belgium where the architecture and the interior were preserved in their original condition. As you visit it, you feel like the guest of the project owner and its first residents. It also houses superb art collections. The castle is surrounded by a romantic park with ponds, caves and a maze.

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5. Visit the brewery 'Bourgogne des Flandres'

Bourgogne des Flandres occupies a very special place in the Belgian beer landscape. It is a typical example of the Flemish beer blending tradition with old and young beer being mixed judiciously to achieve a perfect balance. After nearly 60 years, Bourgogne des Flandres has returned to the inner city of Bruges with its own brewery. Explore the brewery and breathe in the smell of malt and fresh hops in the loft. See how the beer is brewed with your own eyes! 

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6. Bulskampveld walking route

The Landscape park Bulskampveld is the largest connecting forest area in the province and covers no less than 90 km²! And all that near Bruges. The castle domain Bulskampveld is located at the centre of the area with a visitors' centre. Discover the area with the Bulskampveld walking route (8,9 km)

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7. Historic & culinary Damme

Damme, the medieval town that offers you an impressive heritage amidst a magnificent natural landscape! The Damme canal connects the town to Bruges, ideal for a cycling trup of only 8 km. The city walls, the nature reserves and ther Ryckevelde domain are ideal walking sites. Admire the historic churches and buildings of the town centre. You will also find literature in the Ulenspiegel Museum. And even the gastronomists will find delicious sustenance: an exquisite restaurant, a charming pub, a fresh pint or belgian chips. And don't forget to explore the picturesque villages around Damme!
Visit Damme, Jacob van Maerlantstraat 3, 8340 Damme

8. Triennial Bruges 2018

From 5 May to 16 September 2018, impressive constructions of contemporary artists and architects will appear in the historic heart of the city. These are answers to the effects of the fluid society today. 

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9. New walking network 'Velden en Meersen'

Discover the new walking network 'Velden en Meersen': 125 km of walking pleasure that will surround you with beautiful nature and landscapes in the east of Bruges (Bruges, Damme, Beernem and Oostkamp). Enjoy the peace and quiet!
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10. Roman weekend 20-21 may

During this weekend, the city of Oudenburg will be captures by Roman legions again! Visit their tents, taste their food, try one of the workshops and of course... visit the Roman Archaeological Museum! 
Location: Markststraat 25, Oudenburg.
20 and 21 may from 10 AM - 5.30 PM

Due to the coronavirus opening hours and timetables of businesses may deviate. When in doubt, contact the business directly.